First Four Sessions....

Desperate Measures II - day 2

Our heroes travelled towards the town of Loudwater with their guide Thomas

and the ship’s crew, planning to have a rest, make some trade and the continue on… but fate intervened and the heroes now find themselves amidst a deserted town which is under attack by a clan of Gnolls led by an even more dangerous creature, which had yet to be identified.

After entering town the Gnome and Reïs joined Thomas and escorted three halfling children savely to their house.

The rest of the party met at the inn, where they had a rather unpleasant encounter with the innkeep who didn’t seem too keen on serving a bunch of strangers accompanied by a dragonborn. After informing the innkeep that they knew Thomas, the innkeep left to find him.

Desperate Measures III

- day 3

After a long night our heroes and the crew of the Nymph were gathered up by Thomas to discuss the future of the town and that of the halfling children. Although Thomas seemed keen on sending the children and the crew back to the ship and staying behind himself to fight the clan of Gnolls, our heroes made some drastic changes in this plan. Hallavar actually convinced two younger crewmembers of the ship to stay and fight and meanwhile Nerra made clear that she was not ready to leave the town behind.

Thomas, Hallavar and Sayana eventually joined the remaining crewmembers on their journey back to the ship, unaware of what would be in store.

Meanwhile Reïs, Cumulus, Jade and Namphoodle stayed in Loudwater to device a plan of attack for when the Gnolls returned. Reïs and Namphoodle set out to look for survivors and weapons. They ran into Krush, a dashing, half-orcen smithy,

who, although in doubt, was eventually convinced to join the cause. He provided both weapons, and his own strength. Afterwards the two found an arcana shop, with inside a dying aarakocra named Aahr

and his assistent Melanie. Namphoodle used his healing powers to get Aahr back on his feet. In return for this show of kindness he recieved an orb of healing and health potions. Sadly they discovered that Aahr has a so far uncurable sickness, and the healing would have only lengthened his life by a bit.

During all this Thomas, Hallavar and Sayana ran into one a distressed crewmember who had supposedly stayed behind with Bard to watch the ship. In his panicked state he managed to tell them of the attack that happened overnight. The group continues to the Nymph, only to find a whole lot of death and destruction, the entire crew and even Bard the captain had perished…

Desperate Measures IV

- day 4/5/6

Cumulus, Reïs, Namfoodle and Jade lay in waiting, ready to execute their plan to defeat these gnolls and end their terror for good.

They fought long and hard, losing one of the Nymph’s crewmembers and ending up with a heavily wounded Nerra, but eventually prevailed. Managing to burn the sails and sink the ship. Unexpectedly Varys turned against his own pack and helped them defeat the gnolls and their leader Githyanki.

Only after the battle do Sayana, Hallavar, Thomas and the two other crewmembers return to town.



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